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Addteq’s founder grew up in a humble environment, in a home that was only 150 square feet. He believes that in order to take this society forward, everyone should have an opportunity to education. Here at Addteq, we are strong believers of giving back to the community and launched The Iris Foundation in 2015. The purpose of The Iris Foundation is to help provide scholarships to students who are smart enough to become engineers but not privileged enough to pay for school fees. We believe every child deserves to become what they want to be.

Founder and President of Addteq, Sukhbir Dhillon along with Senior Vice President of Addteq, Amanda Deol, recently visited India RAIT ( on September 30th, 2016. The trip was an inauguration of Iris Foundation’s four year scholarship program at Addteq’s Alumni University. Sukhbir and Amanda took this opportunity to meet the beneficiary of the scholarship. During the visit Sukhbir highlighted The Iris Foundation’s mission and encouraged awareness and exposure of The Iris Foundation to the student population.

We first heard about Pledge 1% while attending The Robin Hood Foundation event in New York.  Addteq was incredibly intrigued to find out more information about Pledge 1% that immediately following the event we created a JIRA ticket to start gather information. For Atlassian’s Summit in 2015, Addteq dedicated our entire summit theme to Pledge 1% Robin Hood foundation. Pledge 1%, provided us a stepping stool to leap forward with our efforts.  We pledged 1% of our time and software products to individuals in need. Within the short year after we took the pledge, The Iris Foundation became the official sponsors of the New Jersey Chapter of Room To Read and started a full scholarship program for Addteq’s alumni university.

Here are a few Addteq initiatives with The Iris Foundation:

  • Main sponsor of a local World of Music Concert with Room to Read on September 11th, 2016. All proceeds went to Room to Read and children in need. 
  • We hosted a DevOps charity picnic to raise funds for Room to Read’s local Princeton, NJ Chapter. 
  • Volunteered at a local farm to contribute our time and efforts.



Founded in 2015 by Addteq, the Iris Foundation was created in an attempt to build philanthropy awareness within the IT industry. Pledge 1%, by Atlassian, allowed us to pledge 1% of our time and software products to individuals in need. In the short year after we took the pledge, the Iris Foundation was able to become the official sponsors of the New Jersey Chapter of Room To Read and started a full scholarship program for Addteq’s alumni university. 

Our mission  is to find the Einstein in everybody and provide them the opportunity to change the world. Addteq encourages other experts to take the pledge and join a great network of people willing to spread their philanthropy across the world. 

Interested in what we do? Contact or call 1-888-9ADDTEQ

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