How to use the Excellentable Versioning Feature?

What is Excellentable?

As you may have read in our previous blogs, Excellentable is an essential Confluence add-on that provides a dynamic and interactive spreadsheet solution for Confluence. It enables you to create, edit, share, import and export spreadsheets with ease. Owing to its fully functional spreadsheet nature and ease of use, Excellentable has become a go-to add-on for any Confluence user who needs to create and manage their tabular data in day to day work.

What is Excellentable Versioning?

To add to its ever-growing list of useful features fueled by valuable suggestions and feedback from the community, Excellentable now has a new feature that makes it fearless for losing valuable data changes. That new feature is Excellentable Versioning.

Even if you are concerned of continuously overriding data by multiple team members working on the same Excellentable spreadsheet or you just intend to keep track of your change history, Excellentable Versioning makes you worry less by storing your data changes as separate versions, all of which you can readily access at the click of a button. Not only this, you can easily move between versions and restore your spreadsheet to any desired version of your choice.


How to use Excellentable Versioning?

Versioning stores any update made to your Excellentable as a new version seamlessly, every time you click the “Save” button.

Using the “Edit History” button on the top right hand corner of your Excellentable spreadsheet, you can view all of your previously saved versions in the form of a list. This will generate on the right side of your Excellentable.



Accessing Previous Versions

Clicking on any version in the list displays the content that was saved in that particular version. You will not only be able to see the user that made those changes, but the date and time they made the changes. 


Restoring a Previous Version

Similar to Confluence, if you feel the need to restore your Excellentable to any previous version, select that version in the list and click “Restore to previous version” button to load and restore that version’s content. You then will be able to make edits as needed. When the edits are completed and you save the Excellentable, this will become the latest version on the list. 



To exit the version history without the need to restore your Excellentable, just click on “X” button on the top left corner.  


Why will you Benefit from Using Excellentable Versioning?

Excellentable Versioning can be really effective in tracking and managing your change history as well as removing the burden of re-creating the lost changes. This can be extremely useful especially when your Excellentable is being shared among team members. Thus, the versioning feature aims to be a promising one to improve the overall productivity of collaboration teams by saving the history of valuable data changes for Confluence users.

Moreover, the ease of use of this feature itself is an added advantage that comes for free with the release of Excellentable Versioning.

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