Beer & Brag Fridays- An Addteq Tradition

There is something cool that Addteq does every other Friday. We turn down the lights, set up some snacks, tap the keg and come together for a brag session. We call this Beer and Brag Fridays.

To keep people interested, we limit the amount of presenters to two in a session. We also decided to give the person with the most wins, based off of a set criteria, will win $1,000 cash for their next vacation! This gets everyone in the company excited and even more interested in bragging to the team. We make sure to keep the topics open, but work related, to allow people to feel like they can talk about whatever it is they are working on. We don’t want to assume that one project is more important than the other. 

This tradition has grown since it’s first days. We see that more people are showing full investment in what they are working on and they love it. When you love your work, you want to tell everyone about it. 


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