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JIRA Service Desk

There are tons of reasons to love JIRA Service Desk! During our webinar, we went over the main reasons why both end users and the IT and Dev teams, can benefit from JIRA Service Desk. Older methods of issue tracking and service management, like long strings of emails, are just too slow and inefficient. Now, with JIRA Service Desk, the IT Support, Development and Business teams can automate their service management, collaborate better and improve SLA’s.

Automating the service management process and improving SLA’s is the most important issues effecting IT and Dev teams today. According to the 2014 HDI Service Management Study, 91% of end-users prefer self-service and 67% of Support teams say they want to provide a better customer experience. JIRA Service Desk allows the wall between IT and Dev teams to break and provide an agile environment and one common tool between all parties involved.

Out of the box, JSD includes:

  • ITIL Workflows
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Integrated Knowledge Base
  • Streamlined ticket management
  • Powerful SLA’s and reporting

JIRA Service Desk is quickly being considered the leading service management software for many good reasons. As you can see, the ability to give your customers the best customer experience and deliver fast and correct solutions is extremely important. It is even more important for all of the teams involved to be connected and able to collaborate for faster resolution.

Check out Atlassian’s JSD microsite for even more information:



So what exactly is ChatOps and why have people been hearing it all over the DevOps community?

ChatOps is an evolving standard that focuses on streamlining communication for teams by placing the primary communication tools right in the middle of the conversation. They need ways to collaborate where they can leverage the team’s knowledge to respond to issues while reducing time. The old way of exchanging emails for critical issues is `simply just no longer efficient.

Teams need to provide quality service and deliver that quality service quickly. Before the idea of ChatOps and being able to collaborate in one place, teams were stuck discussing critical issues in emails or simple communication in the office. This does not provide a proper way to streamline issues and collaborate on a solution to send to the customer.

ChatOps is growing fast and more organizations are realizing the potential it has. Atlassian allows JIRA Service Desk and HipChat to integrate seamlessly so that all teams can work in one place without ever having to leave their appointed HipChat room. What happens is when a critical issue comes through JIRA Service Desk, HipChat creates a dedicated room and automatically invites the agent who corresponds to that ticket. There, the agent is able to communicate to the user and other teams, directly in the HipChat room! Providing quality and rapid service has never been so easy!

During our webinar, we showed a live demo of an add-on Addteq will soon be releasing for JIRA, that will bring JSD and ChatOps integration to the next level!

This add-on will serve as automation on top of JSD features and it will help reduce Service Desk SLA times. Now, once a blocker issue is created by a user, a new chat room is created in HipChat and automatically invites the corresponding agents!

So how does this add-on work?

  • Add-on will read one or more JIRA JQL conditions and the JIRA/Hipchat authentication information via a config file. The config file should also contain usernames/emails(whichever is more convenient)of one or more Service Desk agents (assuming they also exist in Hipchat.)
  • Any time the add-on is run, if the JQL issues return any results for unresolved issues the add-on will:
    • Create a HipChat room if a room does not already exist for each unresolved issue (Use the issue id as the HipChat room name)
    • Invite the service desk agents from the config file

Be sure to keep an eye on the Atlassian Marketplace to find out more about this add-on! Also look out for our guest blog on Atlassian’s HipChat and JIRA Service Desk blogs.

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the webinar, you are in luck! We have uploaded the deck to our Slideshare account!. See, you didn’t miss too much!

Interested and want to learn more on how JSD and HipChat integration can benefit your team’s service management process? Be sure to contact Addteq to schedule a free demo for you and your team!

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