Integrated Release Management with Atlassian Bamboo and JIRA

Imagine a work environment where your software tools function and communicate seamlessly with one another. Where less time is spent switching between applications (or worse, shifting through emails) in order to gather necessary details around a particular event or issue. Integrating your software tools can make this a reality. One aspect we love about Atlassian’s software development tools, is that they are natively built to be integrated with one another. It only makes sense right?

A few months ago, we released a guest blog post from our friends at Atlassian titled: Top 5 reasons creating JIRA Issues from Bamboo makes your team Awesome-r, where we talked about how the latest release of Bamboo lets you create JIRA issues right from any build result page (among other swank new features). Beyond creating issues, Bamboo and JIRA can be integrated even further, supercharging your team with instant build/plan updates and the ability kick off a build in JIRA and to dive further into the details with a click. Some other ways JIRA and Bamboo can be integrated include:

Run a bamboo build when releasing a new version in JIRA

With Bamboo integrated with JIRA, after you release a version using JIRA, you will be given the options to also choose an associated Bamboo build plan. Select the stages in the plan you want to run and once its released in JIRA, Bamboo will automatically run the plan. Upon a successful build, the version will be released on JIRA. Otherwise, the version will not be released.

Link a Bamboo plan branch with a JIRA issue

Once a developer begins work to resolve a JIRA issue, they may use Git or Mercurial to branch the repository. Inserting the issue key as part of the branch name in their repository, will create a link and automatically allow Bamboo to detect JIRA issue and associate the issue with the new branch.

The JIRA issue link will show up right under the breadcrumb on the Build Result Summary for the plan branch, likewise, the build result will show up on the JIRA issue too.

View the JIRA issues linked to a build result

Once you have run the Bamboo build, the results will contain links back to any JIRA issues related to that particular build; giving you a quick and easy way to jump to relevant issues in JIRA and understand the details about what the code is intended to achieve.

View the Bamboo builds that relate to a particular JIRA issue

Viceversa, in JIRA, the issue ticket will populated with the related build information and include links to the Bamboo builds if more details are desired.

View the Bamboo builds that relate to a JIRA project or version

JIRA-Bamboo integration allows you to view builds in a plan as well as view the past build activity for a particular project or version. Another thing worth mentioning is that you can set up a RSS feed to get updated on a project’s builds.

Automate deployments and view deployment status

One of latest features of Bamboo 5 is deployment projects. Bamboo can be configured to automatically deploy your projects upon successful builds. Within Bamboo, you will be able to see which projects have been deployed to which environments and their status.

JIRA – Bamboo dashboard gadgets

Your JIRA dashboard can be configured to show Bamboo gadgets as well. Gadgets are the health monitors of your projects. At a glance, they allow your team to understand how well your projects are performing. A quick list of the Bamboo gadgets you can add to your JIRA dashboard include:

Bamboo Plan Gagdet: displays a list of all plans on a particular Bamboo server and each plan’s current status. This gadget is create understanding at a glance the status of your bamboo plans..

Bamboo Plan summary Gadget: displays a graphical summary of a Bamboo build plan from a particular Bamboo server. The plan summary shows the % of successful builds as well as the durations of each build over designated span of time.

Bamboo build activity Gadget: displays various charts and plan statistics from a particular Bamboo server. From the bamboo chart gadget users able to select the bamboo report they wish to display as a chart. Users can select by plans, group by time intervals, and select the refresh rate they wish the chart to be set to.

Bamboo and JIRA truly is a match made in heaven for software delivery teams. Coupled with few plugins, and tweaks, Atlassian JIRA and Bamboo (and the rest of the Atlassian suite) can accomplish any level of visibility and traceability into your software development process. Want to have Bamboo, JIRA or any other tool implemented into your environment? In future blog posts we’ll break down how Bamboo can also be integrated with other Atlassian tools such as Confluence and Stash so stay tuned!

Have any questions? Feel free to ask below!

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