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It’s Time to Talk about Mobile DevOps

Mobile apps are far more cumbersome to develop than standard desktop or web applications – given the different operating systems, form factors, and devices they

Building a High Uptime Strategy Using DevOps

Most organizations that adopt DevOps do so to improve collaboration between teams, so everyone works towards the goal of developing (and delivering) high-quality software to

Adopting DevOps for Legacy Systems

Adopting DevOps for Legacy Systems For organizations looking to improve the software delivery process through quicker coding, efficient bug fixing, and better testing, DevOps paves

How your testing has to evolve with DevOps

Since the start of software development, testing has been an indispensable part of the development process. While testing in the Waterfall methodology is a separate

How Mid-size Indian Banking Should adopt DevOps

Being part of a highly regulated industry, with rigid organizational hierarchies and strict reporting lines, banks have been known to be risk-averse. Although today, most