A Full Day of DevOps for One of our Top Clients

Addteq created a customized, full day DevOps event for one of our top clients – MetLife. With MetLife’s (GTO) gorgeous location in Cary, North Carolina, it was hard not to have a perfect backdrop. With more than 180 attendees, the day started with breakfast and a welcome keynote from MetLife’s business sponsors, Paul O’Reilly, Dave Ditillo, and Alex Seidita. The DevOps presentations began with a keynote given by Addteq’s very own CTO (Himanshu Chhetri) and CEO (Sukhbir Dhillon).

The agenda was a mix between DevOps and Agile Practices, topics that were specifically requested by MetLife.The day was packed with sessions that touched upon important best practices, use of tools, and adoption processes that resonated with MetLife’s technical teams, managers, and executives. We had guest speakers from Role Model Software (Ken Auer), Sonatype (Matt Phillips), and freelance consultant Josh Anderson presenting their expertise. After lunch, Himanshu Chhetri captivated the audience with a hands-on Docker workshop. The day wrapped up with Q and A, and an afternoon mingling session. 

We are very honored to have the opportunity to share our DevOps knowledge with MetLife and thank their business, technical, and executive teams for embracing the DevOps culture. 

Attended the event? We would love your feedback!

We plan to have many more of these events with our clients. If you’re interested in having a similar event for your company, please feel free to reach out to marketing@addteq.com.  

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