The Perfect Match: Confluence & Excellentable

Atlassian’s Confluence stands as a cornerstone in collaborative work environments. Providing a centralized platform for teams to create, collaborate, and organize their work, Confluence facilitates seamless coordination across projects, meetings, and brainstorming sessions.

Despite its various features, Confluence users have long sought improved integration of spreadsheets in Confluence or a way to embed Excel in Confluence. This is crucial for various business operations such as financial analysis and data management. Spreadsheets are the backbone of many business operations, from financial projections to data analysis. However, incorporating them into Confluence seamlessly has been a challenge until now. It’s like Confluence searching for its other half to make it complete.

Embed Excel in Confluence with Excellentable Confluence

Enter Excellentable, the missing puzzle piece in Confluence’s quest for seamless integration. Like twin flames destined to unite, Excellentable emerges as the solution, offering a native spreadsheet app for Confluence that simplifies the incorporation of Excel sheets into pages. By seamlessly integrating Excel functionality within Confluence, Excellentable eliminates the need for cumbersome file attachments or external links, facilitating a more efficient workflow.

Excellentable looks, feels, and works like your favorite spreadsheet tools. So, your teams can jump straight into Excellntable and start without any training requirements. It is also the only spreadsheet tool in Confluence that provides collaborative editing.

Collaboration Features

Going beyond integration, Excellentable introduces a range of robust business features, making Excellentable and Confluence a match made in heaven. Excellentable comes with a dazzling number of collaboration and documentation features that will blow Confluence (users) away like:

  1. Streamlined sharing capabilities enable effortless collaboration among team members.
  2. Native HTML display ensures the preservation of formatting and functionality.
  3. Customizable settings further enhance user experience, allowing space admins and Confluence admins to tailor their Excel integration within Confluence to align with business requirements.
  4. A change trail with version history


Excellentable is committed to enhancing team productivity and being the missing piece of you Confluence documentation. This Valentine’s Day, make your Confluence complete by embracing seamless integration to eliminate productivity barriers and foster a culture of collaboration and efficiency. With Excellentable, your team can unlock the full potential of Confluence, redefining the way you work with data and documents. Embrace the power of integration this Valentine’s Day and witness your team’s success soar to new heights.

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