4 Pillars of AWS that redefine Business

As a developer or a project consultant, what if you had to convince your customer or your manager to start using Amazon Web Services. Let’s take a look at the top 4 reasons that have the potential to redefine business in the most profitable way. 

1: Operational Resilience

At AWS, Security is the number one priority that enables businesses to reduce unplanned downtime and risk. While a developer may need infrastructure to support HIPAA or SOC II compliant applications, AWS is the answer.

Another important aspect to consider is the Shared Responsibility Model. The model states that Amazon will provide the security of the cloud and you provide the security in the cloud. Which makes total sense. You as a developer or customer need to be responsible for securing your applications. However, you gain the physical security and expertise of Amazon by leveraging AWS. Win-Win situation for businesses, especially if they are currently maintaining their own data centers.

2: Staff Productivity

With over 100 services, AWS supports everything from image recognition to database migrations and many more. Having flexibility at each level, there is a high likely hood that a developer can run whatever stack they are working in on AWS.

Productivity KPI meaning differently for developers and businesses, one has the flexibility to go at the pace of change suited to its requirement. Dive right in and run dozens of different services, or start with one workload and one service. Either way works. Leveraging a cloud provider like AWS gives you the ability to scale on-demand. No more wasted capacity or under-provisioning that wakes you up at 2 AM on a Saturday. 

3: Cost Benefit

The obvious scales that drive the cost down are no more leasing hardware upfront, no more maintaining a data center, and no more over-provisioning your capacity. But there is a catch. Yes, managing your own data center or purchasing/licensing hardware upfront is expensive. and so is bringing your decades-old applications that are not set up to leverage AWS. In fact, done poorly, the cloud can be more expensive. The important aspect to note is the shift from CAPEX to OPEX. But at the same time running workloads around the clock on over-provisioned hardware because you lifted and shifted to the cloud can be expensive.

4: Business Agility

Shortening the time from hypothesis to data is incredibly powerful in a world that is moving at a great pace. Providing agility to experiment and iterate is the most profitable reason from AWS to all businesses. By no longer focusing on infrastructure provisioning, maintenance, and overhead, developers, as well as businesses, are freed up to focus on building value in their systems. Ideas that maybe once took months or years can be executed and delivered in a matter of hours or days.  


AWS makes it simple to pivot from one idea to another. Scaling and provisioning is now mere deployment of code. Moving to the cloud is not just about saving costs on IT anymore—it’s about creating the environment that lets your business thrive. When you use the AWS Cloud, you clear away obstacles to innovation like high costs and long-term contracts—and you can take advantage of more than 50 unique services, a broad partner ecosystem, and continued innovation to drive business solutions and grow your business. With a global footprint and 
expertise in creating technology that enables business innovation, you can trust AWS to deliver a solution that will help your business succeed. 

So with that in mind, Addteq is moving all of its workloads to AWS to provide extended benefits of AWS on Codefactori

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