Be Unstoppable: Voiceover compatibility for Atlassian apps

Accessibility is one of the biggest challenges of a collaborative workforce. Over the last year, the world has not only learned the importance of collaboration tools, but also learned the importance of accessible tools and websites for people with disabilities.

To help you meet your workforce challenges, and keep your Atlassian tools compliant, Addteq has upgraded and Unstoppable several times over the last year. Here are some of the recent highlights: 

Voiceover Compatability

Mac Voiceover is the favored screen reading software for Apple uses. In our latest release, we made Mac VoiceOver compatible with Unstoppable for Jira. Now your users can use Apple screen-reader and stay collaborative while working with your favorite Atlassian tools. ywe are also working on Voiceover compatibility with Unstoppable for Confluence.

Jira Service Management (JSM) Support

Unstoppable allows visually impaired users to have full control of Jira Service management (agent role). The Jira service JSM support is inbuilt with Unstoppable for Jira. JSM agents can use keyboard strokes, text-to-speech technology, and an updated interface to expand the JSM accessibility.

Partnership with the Government

We have been working closely with Carahsoft, Atlassian’s government reselling partner, to share Unstoppable with the government audience.

In our latest podcast with Carahsoft, we dive into how we implement Unstoppable within our own organization and how Unstoppable can benefit yours. Addteq Quality Analyst Nathan Clark details how he uses Unstoppable to help.

Listen to this podcast to:

Learn more about the unique way Addteq’s Unstoppable solution works

Explore major takeaways from personal experience using Unstoppable 

Discover how Unstoppable can help one work faster and give more control

Questions? You can contact us here

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