Tips for integrating TeamCity with Bitbucket and Jira

In a previous published blog post we went over how to integrate Atlassian’s Bitbucket and Jira Software tools with TeamCity. This integration allows users to verify code quality by performing regular builds. In this updated blog post, we are going to provide some additional tips & updated insights for integrating these tools. For the following tips, we will only be discussing Data Center hosting. 

Integrating TeamCity and Bitbucket Data Center:

  1. Install the TeamCity Integration for Bitbucket app released by Stiltsoft in order to benefit from the features below. This saves context switching between the tools and provides useful information and functionality at a quick glance.
    1. Access TeamCity builds information directly from the Bitbucket user interface including logs and artifacts.  
    2. Ability to trigger TeamCity build/rebuild from without leaving Bitbucket. 
    3. Access above functionality from these sections of the Bitbucket UI: (Screenshots taken from the app documentation)
      1. A dedicated Builds page added by the app.
      2.  On the Pull requests page, the latest build status is shown.
      3. On the Commits and Branches pages.

Integrating TeamCity and Jira Software Data Center

  1. Although not specific to TeamCity we recommend installing the free Better Commit Policy for the Bitbucket app to help enforce the standard that all commit messages must contain valid Jira issue keys
  2. We also recommend the TeamCity Integration for Jira app by Stiltsoft that allows the ability to view TeamCity build information without leaving Jira. The app also supports triggering builds from Jira without having to switch between the two apps.

Addteq has experience using apps available in the Atlassian marketplace along with custom apps for integrating DevOps tools such as TeamCity with the Atlassian tools suite. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need assistance, or just have questions about your DevOps integration needs!

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