Collaboratively Edit your Confluence Spreadsheets Behind the Firewall

Any collaborative software tool has a need for collaborative editing, and Excellentable is the only spreadsheet app on the Atlassian marketplace that allows you to collaboratively edit on spreadsheets inside of Confluence. To provide this feature, Addteq currently runs and manages a collaborative editing service hosted in Google Firebase. This service connects to your Confluence instance and provides a seamless editing experience without having to leave your instance. 

Why Collaborative Editing Behind the Firewall? 

With time we received a lot of cases where Excellentable customers wanted to collaboratively edit their spreadsheets but were unable to connect to an external firebase server. In most of these cases, there was an organization-wide policy that did not allow the external connection. Meaning, they were unable to use one of the greatest features of Excellentable. The only workaround for these users was to whitelist firebase in the organization firewall. However, with increasing concerns about data residency, data privacy, and legal requirements, this workaround was not necessarily available to everyone. To overcome these issues, we created a service that could be managed by the users.


How does Collaborative Editing Behind the Firewall Work?

With the latest BETA release, Excellentable Data Center customers now have the option to create their own collaborative editing service using a Docker image, Debian package, or an RPM Package. The core of the service is essentially the same as Addteq’s firebase service. The main difference being that users will now host and manage the service themselves; hence being able to be kept behind the firewall.

Set up is easy. Addteq provides you the firebase service image, and in 4 simple steps, you can create an Exellentable collaborative ending service. 

Be sure to keep an eye on our blog for a technical deep-dive on the Newton feature and set up. 


Is Addteq retiring the current version of collaborative editing?

Addteq will continue to support the existing firebase collaborative editing services for all three Confluence deployment options. Currently, Newton is only available for Confluence Data Center users. Cloud and Server deployments can continue using the existing collaborative editing services without interruption. 

Newton is currently only available as a BETA version. If you are interested in having a Confluence spreadsheet collaborative editing service behind your firewall, please contact us below. 

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