Migration Diaries – How Migrating to Cloud Unleashed Efficiencies for A Leading Health and Beauty Company

The global cloud computing market valued at USD 266.0 billion in 2019 is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.9% from 2020 to 2027. Digital transformation, the increasing penetration of mobile and the internet, the rise of big data, and the growing dependence on data analytics are some of the factors contributing to this growth. Cloud computing is an effective business solution that provides infinite expansion capabilities, reliable speed, better performance, and incredible power. However, to harness the power of the cloud it is essential to choose the right cloud hosting service. 

The Challenge 

Our client, a leader in health and beauty products and one of the world’s largest direct-selling companies, jumped on the cloud bandwagon for its many benefits. However, soon after the move, they encountered problems like poor performance and frequent outages that were impacting their business. Their bandwidth consumption was also very high owing to the unplanned and frequent backups. All these challenges were contrary to the popular benefits associated with the cloud. They also recognized that they had selected an inflexible cloud platform since it did not allow them to migrate to healthy servers. 

Our Approach 

This health & beauty retail mogul approached us to mitigate these challenges and help them improve their cloud experience. A thorough analysis of the past events on the client’s instances gave us clear insights into challenges plaguing our client. 

Multiple root cause analysis pointed towards frequent network glitches on the cloud provider’s end. We deduced that to alleviate the challenges experienced by the client it would be imperative to move towards a more stable, peer-reviewed cloud hosting platform. This move would also ensure minimal to fewer outages, which consequently would result in more production uptime.

Some of the other considerations made when evaluating the cloud hosting platform were:

  1. The hosting platform should be performance-driven, and, yet, should not compromise security at its altar. 
  2. It should offer robust incident management capabilities to ensure that unplanned interruptions or reduction in quality of service are dealt with efficiently. Users should be up and running promptly after any disruption.
  3. It must provide proper documentation of problems or incidents. Frequent incidents or issues should be registered in a problem record for the problem management team to look at later on and ensure a speedy turnaround.
  4. It should establish strong physical security by ensuring that the data centers are co-located in some of the most respected data center facility providers in the world, offering world-class physical security, and environmental controls.
  5. The platform should ensure robust infrastructure security that has a defense-in-depth layered approach, multi-factor authentication points, role-based access control, and stringent change control mechanisms.
  6. It should offer elevated data backup capabilities with frequent backups to maintain data integrity and to ensure that data can be recovered quickly.
  7. The cloud platform should conduct continuous monitoring of application health and infrastructure, automatic detection of outage or downtime with proactive reporting of the same to the support teams.
  8. It should enable on-demand scaling and capably manage and repair the infrastructure while being on the cloud. 
  9. It should allow access to add-on services for customization and integrations with software tools or with third-party tools.

After a thorough analysis, the Addteq team suggested the client moving their applications to Codefactori.

The Outcome 

We curated a detailed migration plan for our client to ensure that the same takes place smoothly. Instead of taking a ‘lift and shift’ approach to cloud migration, we created a migration plan that accounted for the interdependencies and complexities of the instance. 

Upon successful migration, the benefits of the cloud hosting platform kicked in. 

  1. The number of outages before the migration would hover around 5. This number came down to 0 post-migration. 
  2. The cost per GB on bandwidth consumption reduced by 55% since backups could now be taken on the same platform. 
  3. Additionally, their maintenance costs came down by 40% in the first month itself.  

The real benefits of the cloud can only be harnessed when choosing the right cloud hosting platform and the right partner, who will ensure all the moving parts are correctly aligned. 

See how you can supercharge your cloud capabilities and make the most of your investments.  

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