For Immediate Release

June 18th, 2020


PRINCETON, NJ- Unstoppable is an Atlassian app designed by Addteq to help visually impaired users navigate Atlassian Jira, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence. It uses text-to-speech technology and easy to use keyboard commands to navigate through the options on the screen. Try Unstoppable for Free.

Unstoppable truly enables a visually impaired user to be connected to their sighted colleagues both in a remote and in-office environment due to its structure, numerous capabilities, and accessibility to JAWS and NVDA- the two most frequently used desktop screen readers on the market for the blind. Read about our latest advancements with Unstoppable on our blog.

Learn more about Unstoppable

Unstoppable for Jira

Allows visually impaired users to access the same functions and aspects as their sighted peers. Such as creating and reading tickets, commenting on tickets, closing and reopening tickets, and updating everyone on the status of a project. Watch some of the features in action here. 

Unstoppable for Confluence

Allows a visually impaired user to create both simple and complex Confluence pages. Confluence pages can be edited, commented on, attached to a Jira ticket, emailed or exported, and much more.

Giving Back Through Software

As the number of cases from the pandemic grew across the country, Addteq realized the need to help the community and local small businesses.

Addteq has decided to:

  1. Donate 1% of Addteq Software sales during the pandemic to various philanthropic efforts & organizations
  2. Offer free remote work products for Atlassian tools to non-profit or organizations with less than 500 users:
    1. Accessibility and compliance app for Jira, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence called Unstoppable. Find out how to make your Confluence accessible.
    2. Confluence spreadsheet creation & collaboration with Excellentable. Stay collaborative while working remotely with Excellentable.

BRAND-4619_Platinum Solution PartnerGovernment_Gray-BG.png Partnership with the Government

We have been working closely with Carahsoft, Atlassian's government reselling partner, to share Unstoppable with the government audience. Recently, Addteq has become Atlassian Verified Government Partners, which allows us to be a part of a select group of partners that cater to government organizations. 

In our latest podcast with Carahsoft, we dive into how we implement Unstoppable within our own organization and how Unstoppable can benefit yours. Addteq Quality Analyst Nathan Clark details how he uses Unstoppable to help him work on Atlassian tools.

Listen to this podcast too:

  • Learn more about the unique way Addteq's Unstoppable solution works
  • Explore major takeaways from personal experience using Unstoppable 
  • Discover how Unstoppable can help you work faster and give you more control