10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Atlassian Data Center – Answered Here

As organizations grow, their needs continuously change. Catering to the surge in new requirements may lead to application downtime and performance degradation due to the inability to scale applications. When organizations reach this tipping point, it makes sense to invest in an enterprise-grade solution that scales with the spike in demand while meeting performance, availability, security, and compliance requirements. 

 Atlassian Data Center is an ideal deployment option that offers capabilities across security, compliance, user management, scalability, performance, and extensibility. However, when it comes to moving to Atlassian Data Center, organizations have several questions. Here’s a list of answers to 10 most commonly asked questions about Atlassian Data Center: 

1. What are the top three considerations for moving from Server to Data Center?

For teams who need control over their data and infrastructure, Atlassian Data Center offers the same functionality as Atlassian Server, but with additional capabilities, especially for growing teams. Top three considerations for moving from Server to Data Center include:

    • If an organization’s user base reaches 500-1,000 users.

    • If performance begins to be effected under high load or peak times. 

    • If applications are mission-critical and need the infrastructure to support scalability, flexibility, and reliability.  

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