Data Center Migration for Enterprise Organizations

In the world of software development, constant efforts (and investments) are being made to enhance the capability of tools, improve workflows, accelerate defect management, and boost software quality. 

Many organizations have realized that one of the best ways to augment software development outcomes is by embracing Atlassian tools. These tools take care of every aspect of the software development lifecycle – from project management to source code management, document management to collaboration, incident management, and more. 

For organizations experiencing unprecedented growth, Atlassian Data Center provides scalable resources and infrastructure to overcome performance and compliance issues and drive the required level of software delivery excellence. 

Read on to find out why you should move to Atlassian Data Center, what best practices you should embrace for migration, and how Addteq can help you make the most of your Atlassian investment. 

The benefits of moving to Atlassian Data Center 

Atlassian Data Center offers high-performing teams an array of self-managed products that are optimized for scale. With products that are built for innovation, Atlassian Data Center supports implementations across Agile, ITSM, and DevOps. Using the Data Center, teams can seamlessly collaborate with each other, drive horizontal scalability, and manage issues before they impact software delivery. 

By helping teams build long-term strategies for scaling applications and infrastructure, it helps them plan for the future and grow fast with confidence. For teams experiencing growth, Atlassian Data Center also provides the level of control needed to navigate increasingly complex compliance, security, and geographic constraints – without slowing teams down. 

Best practices for data center migration 

Like any enterprise migration, the success of Atlassian Data Center migration depends largely on the approach you take and the best practices you follow. 

Given Addteq’s experience and expertise in carrying out successful migrations for customers from various industries across the world, by partnering with Addteq, you can be rest assured of the success of your Data Center Migration project.  

A lot is taken care of once companies partner with Addteq. For instance, when a financial services company approached Addteq for upgrading two of their data center environments, we made sure to devise a plan for the production upgrade and successfully upgraded both environments to the latest version of Bitbucket. Not only did we automate the upgrade of the application on all nodes using Ansible, but we also performed necessary workarounds and modifications on the legacy OS to support the application and the upgraded Git. 

Similarly, when a large bank wanted to onboard 30k users to a new data center environment, Addteq designed a custom solution that was highly scalable. By implementing high availability through multiple nodes, Addteq was successful in balancing the load as well as in automating the entire deployment process. Post the migration, users could seamlessly connect to the new environment with existing permissions and entitlements. 

However, before you migrate, it is important to carry out a few checks and tests and ensure a successful deployment. Here are some best practices to keep in mind:  

  1. Before you migrate, evaluate the existing setup. This needs to be done to ensure your current application server is ready to be migrated to the Atlassian Data Center. Make sure to check for app compatibility, customizations, and deployments. Run necessary tests before migration to make sure that your application’s integrations, functionality, and performance are ready for production deployment. 
  2. For comparison purposes, establish the performance baseline before you begin with the migration. Depending on the tool you use, you can choose the appropriate Atlassian Performance Testing Framework, testing tools, or health check
  3. Next, evaluate if your installed apps are ready for the Data Center. If not, upgrade to the latest versions of Atlassian tools to support enterprise scale. 
  4. Leverage automation wherever possible to accelerate the Atlassian Data Center migration process, reduce the likelihood of human errors, and improve the success rate of your migration. 
  5. Document and evaluate all integrations and test those after migration. Keep a tab on all database statistics across issues and projects, carry out baseline performance testing on your current server instance, and compare values after the migration. 
  6. Test, test, test for functionality, performance, data, and integrations. Testing for functionality and workflows over time helps to identify behavior gaps between the Data Center and Server deployment of the application. 

Migrating to Atlassian Data Center can be life-changing for any software development organization. This self-managed enterprise offering provides the same level of functionality as server but with additional capabilities that meet the needs of maturing enterprise organizations. 

If you find your server instances grow in size (and complexity), face issues with performance, security, or compliance, experience downtime or find it difficult to build products, it’s time to partner with Addteq to meet your enterprise requirements and stay ahead of the curve. 

Jumpstart Data Center with Addteq

Addteq provides a simple solution to Jump Start your Atlassian Data Center migration. Upgrade your Atlassian Data Center experience easily with Codefactori On-Prem, the solution designed by Addteq that provides installation, automation, and agility to your new or existing, Atlassian Data Center toolset. Being an Atlassian Platinum Partner, we have what it takes to create innovative solutions and meet your Atlassian migration needs with ease. 

Find out more about our Atlassian Data Center Jumpstart Package! 

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