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Have you ever tried to highlight some items in spreadsheets to make them easier to read? While you can go in and format each cell by hand, this can be difficult, and problematic.

 Let’s say you have a huge set of data, and you want to format it with appropriate colors. For example, a developer may want to highlight all lagging sprints in red and all the on-time sprints in green. A financial analyst may want to highlight all profits in green and all losses in red, and break-evens in yellow. If the data is changed, or if new data is added, the maintenance of the formatting will require manual changes.  Not only is this time consuming, but there is also a lag period between the time the data was changed or entered and the time when the formatting was updated.

Wouldn’t it be great if these changes could be made automatically? This would save a lot of time and effort. Using the Conditional Formatting feature, Excellentable can do this for us.

Applying Conditional Formatting in Excellentable

Conditional formatting allows you to set rules for automatic application of background color based on the conditions you set.  Rules are set up using an if/then format.

For example, you may want to automatically highlight negative numbers in Red.  You can use Conditional Formatting rules to highlight any cell within a specified range in red if the cell(s) contain a negative number.  In the example below, a rule has been set up for cells H2:H16 that will allow highlighting of the cells in Green when their value is more than 400, to quickly find out the high performers in the team.


Multiple Conditional Formatting rules can also be applied at once.  In the example below, for cells H2:H16, three rules have been set up to ensure that cells with values more than 400 values are highlighted in green with green text, values less then 300  are highlighted in red and the rest of the values are highlighted in yellow.

What else can you do

Now that you know the basics of performing conditional formatting within Confluence, here is a more in-depth demo of everything conditional formatting has to offer. 

Give Conditional Formatting a Try

Try out Excellentable for 30-days to see how conditional formatting and other features, can help your team. Please contact us at with any questions you may have.

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