Upgrading Bitbucket Data Center in a Complicated Configuration

The Situation

Recently, a customer approached Addteq for assistance with their Bitbucket Data Center environments, specifically, their Development and Production environments that both see frequent usage. According to the customer, the environments were slow and unstable, often needing to be restarted. Addteq’s investigation found that the Bitbucket version in both environments was woefully out-of-date and end-of-life, so our primary recommendation was to upgrade to the latest enterprise-supported version, as well as several improvements to the application JVM and operating system tuning.

The Challenges

• Discovery revealed that while the Dev environment had a fairly standard Data Center configuration, the Prod environment configuration was quite unorthodox in its design, employing two data centers in different geographic locations, the first being called Production and the second being called DR. 

• Each data center had two active Bitbucket nodes for a total of four across both data centers. 

• Both data centers had their own shared drive, MSSQL server, and single Elasticsearch node. The Production shared drive and MSSQL database was being mirrored to the DR shared drive and MSSQL server, while the DR Elasticsearch server laid dormant and unused. 

• The DR Bitbucket nodes, however, were not utilizing the DR shared drive and MSSQL database, and instead were connected to Production’s. In the event of a disaster affecting the Production data center, the instance would be stopped, and the DR nodes would be remapped to the DR shared drive, MSSQL database, and Elasticsearch. 

See the diagram below for the complete layout.

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