Webinar: AI Powered Fullstack Monitoring of your Atlassian Tools

When : July 25th, 2018 at 11 am

Himanshu Chhetri, CTO at Addteq will walk you through on how you should be monitoring your mission critical Atlassian tools.

The stability, performance and smooth user experience of Atlassian tools should be top priority for organizations and enterprises that rely on them. As Atlassian Enterprise partners, we have found that many organizations have sub-optimal approach and gaps in their monitoring strategy for mission critical applications. Dynatrace is one of the recommended monitoring tools in Atlassian’s enterprise documentation. It stands out as the industry leader in the space because it is in Gartner’s 2018 magic quadrant for APM for the eighth consecutive year. This webinar will be a practical walkthrough of implementing a modern monitoring strategy for Atlassian Tools utilizing Dynatrace’s AI driven proactive alerting and monitoring. We will cover real-world examples of how Dynatrace is capable of automatically detecting performance issues ranging from infrastructure to application and even insights into user experience across the globe.

Looking forward to having you attend!

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