2017 Atlassian Summit is a Wrap!

Another year, another Summit down.  It was the first year that Atlassian had two Summit’s, one in Europe and one in the U.S. This year’s U.S. Summit was one of the best! Between the incredible Partners’ Day event and all of the new announcements, Atlassian took it up another notch. As you probably see in the image above, this year’s Atlassian Summit came with a ton of new and exciting changes. Yes, Atlassian completely refreshed their branding and we think it looks awesome! The product logos are a big change and something to get used to, but all of the new branding looks so modern and sleek. Atlassian is really excited about the change, and so are we. 

For a full look at Atlassian’s new logo, branding and product logos, check out their design site below.

Out Today – Comment Notifications

Recently we gave you the ability to add Comments to your Excellentable, your favorite Confluence excel app. Even though Excellentable could add Comments, unfortunately, you

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