ChatOps- Rise of the Bots

The World of Bots

Bots, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistants and Chatbots are terms that are becoming increasingly popular. The image below illustrates the definitions of each.

According to the statistics below, the popularity of bots and assistants are growing immensely. 

In 2017, 35.6 million Americans will use a voice-activated assistant device at least once a month. That’s a jump of 128.9% over last year. (eMarketer)

Amazon’s Echo speaker will have 70.6% of users in 2017, with Google Home at 23.8% of the market. (eMarketer)

The number of users of virtual assistants in the U.S. will grow 23.1% in 2017. (eMarketer)

60.5 million Americans will use Siri, Cortana or another virtual assistant at least once a month in 2017. (eMarketer)

The bot invasion is not just taking place in our homes and personal lives, but also making way into the work place. Many companies are realizing the benefits of ChatOps and how the bot invasion can help their daily work lives.

Addteq is no stranger to this mentality and has already built several integrations, including voice assistant skills for Amazon Echo, to enhance the workplace.

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