Giving Back to the Community: Addteq’s Story


Addteq was proud to take the pledge a year ago. Since then, Addteq has founded the Iris Foundation. The Iris Foundation was created in an attempt to build philanthropy awareness within the IT industry.

Pledge 1%, allowed us to pledge 1% of our time and software products to companies in need. Within the short year after we took the pledge, the Iris Foundation was able to become the sponsor of the New Jersey Chapter of Room To Read.


Some of our other recent initiatives include:

  •  Volunteering at various local venues to contribute our time for efforts they may need
  •  Hosted a charity picnic to raise funds for Room to Read
  •  Created a four year scholarship program to tech students in India. We are currently sponsoring our first student’s full four-year tuition.
  •  Sponsorship of a local World of Music concert with Room to Read on September 11th.

It turns out, those first few team activities inspired Addteq founder Sukhbir Dhillon to do more. Because of his upbringing in India, he’s very aware of the lack of opportunity for the under privileged. And he knows what opportunities can do. That’s how the Iris Foundation was born.

Its first initiative was to form a scholarship program at RAIT (Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology), where Sukhbir also happens to be an alumni. Its mission is to bring out the genius in everyone, no matter their circumstances. In other words, it seeks out the Einsteins from anywhere to give them an opportunity to change the world. The Iris Foundation’s mission is to find the Einstein in everybody and provide them the opportunity to change the world. Check out the video from the scholarship ceremony.

“Our participation has had a real snowball effect. Now alumni at the university are offering to get involved and help contribute to The Iris Foundation, too.” – Jaclyn DePinho, Marketing Specialist at Addteq

Addteq encourages other tech industry experts to take the pledge and join a great network of people willing to spread their philanthropy across the world. Read more about how Addteq and other Atlassian partners were able to take our pledges to the next level.

Interested in what we do or have an idea and want to get involved with us? Contact us today!




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