Addteq’s favorite HipChat add-ons and integrations in 2016

Atlassian’s HipChat provides online chat and instant messaging for teams of all sizes. It features one-on-one and group/topic chat, cloud-based file storage, video calling, searchable message-history and inline-image viewing. Add-ons for HipChat can be installed to make HipChat more integrated into your ecosystem. We use several add-ons for HipChat to increase efficiency and to make our jobs easier. HipChat is the platform to achieve the ideal ChatOps environment and we will be having more blog posts about it in the near future. For now, we would like to announce our favorite HipChat add-ons and integrations for 2016.

Default Integrations

HipChat has pre-installed add-ons that can be used right away. These add-ons provide more functionality from other Atlassian products with easy integration. Some of the most popular and useful default add-ons are:

Bamboo for HipChat

Bamboo for HipChat, made by Atlassian, allows you to send Bamboo build notifications directly into your HipChat room. You can get a notification in a HipChat room when a build passes or fails, when you are assigned responsibility for breaking a build and many other types of notification events. We use Bamboo for HipChat internally, to receive real-time notifications for our Bamboo builds. We collaborate and provide feedback based on the results that are posted from Bamboo.

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