Excellentable 3.1- Interactive Spreadsheets in Confluence

Excellentable Description:

Find out why our Fortune 500 clients love Excellentable. The Excellentable add-on makes interactive spreadsheets possible in Confluence.

Tired of using Disconnected Spreadsheets that just do not work? Well, Addteq has answered your wishes with the release of Excellentable 3.1! Addteq created Excellentable to try to maximize Confluence’s potential to create functional spreadsheets without having to export any pre-made tables. Now, Confluence users can create, edit, share, import and export spreadsheets easily.

Don’t know all of the things Excellentable has to offer? Check out this blog to find out more! 

How did Excellentable come to be?

Excellentable version 3.1 comes packed with tons of new features and upgrades! Before we get into all of the features, let’s back up to the development of Excellentable’s new version. 

Addteq originally created Excellentable in the hopes of improving tables in Confluence so that they more resemble other popular spreadsheet software. Users want the ability to use a spreadsheet inside of Confluence for a long time! Due to the lack of functional spreadsheet add-ons available on the Atlassian Marketplace, Addteq knew that they had to recreate their original spreadsheet add-on. Now, Excellentable represents a whole new way to use and create spreadsheets within Confluence. 

New Updates & Features:

  • Updated UI
  • Share your search
  • Data Center Compatible
  • Full support & documentation of over 450 formulas
  • Updated user-friendly features including:
    • Right click features
    • Drag & Drop Importing
    • Simple exporting


Share Your Search

Collaborating in Confluence just got even easier. Now, you can collaborate by filters set within your active Excellentable. Simply search a filter or a word, find the correlating data and click the share button. There, you simply type in someone’s name and you are able to share only that searched data! No more importing and exporting. No more messaging a colleague to review a lengthy spreadsheet. 


Interested in learning more about all of the new updates with Excellentable? Join us for our next Excellentable Webinar!

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