Addteq Releases the Unstoppable Solution


Addteq did it again! Our latest plugin release comes with a lot of praise. The creation started with the interest of one of our top client’s. Addteq wanted to make it easier to use Atlassian’s Confluence and JIRA for the visually impaired. Now, thanks to the Unstoppable solution, JIRA is completely accessible. The Unstoppable solution allows the JAWS screenreader software to fully integrate with JIRA. Intuitive keyboard strokes are available to make navigation simple and easy. By using JAWS shortcuts, users are able to take control of what Unstoppable is doing and pin point their actual task at hand. Addteq also provides an entire list of other shortcuts that can be used to easily navigate between JIRA and Confluence. (See the link to documentation below).

Text-to-speech technology allows the user to use JIRA and Confluence more efficiently. By simply stating what it is that the user wants to achieve, the Unstoppable solution will automatically create and then check if that is exactly what the end user wanted to achieve. For example, by saying “Create a Confluence page,” Unstoppable will create a blank Confluence page for you.

The Unstoppable Solution turns everything on Confluence and JIRA into words. This helps the user understand where buttons, links and images are located on the screen and how to navigate between their tasks. The edits to the classic user interface allows the visually impaired to have a successful user experience.

The Unstoppable Solution is the leading visually impaired add-on for Confluence and JIRA. Unstoppable makes JIRA and Confluence Accessible! Using keyboard strokes, text-to-speech technology and an updated interface, Unstoppable allows the users to have full control of JIRA and Confluence.

You can find, trial and purchase this solution here


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