Practical Introduction to Docker

On Thursday, August 27th, 2015, Addteq held an Introduction to Docker meet up in their Princeton office. As a new employee to Addteq, I was very interested in seeing how Addteq went about presenting their meet ups. This meet up was Addteq’s third official technical meet up with the primary topic being Docker! Addteq hosts a meet up on the fourth Thursday of every month with topics ranging from DevOps to Atlassian Collaboration Tools. The way Addteq organized this event was exceptional. Beginning at six p.m., guests signed in with their emails and company information so that introductions can go smoothly. They were greeted by an abundance of food, beer and other refreshments. The Addteq team was there to mingle and introduce the evening’s topic. We instructed the guests to write down and post any additional sub topics that they may want to discuss under a list of specific general topics. These topics included DevOps Tools, Collaboration, Chat Ops and Issue Tracking. This activity was a huge success for everyone involved and created a very interesting conversation.

We had the pleasure of having Docker’s very own Eric Windisch attend this month’s meeting. It was actually very beneficial for us that he attended this meet up because he served as an unofficial guest speaker. Eric was able to answer questions that other guests had about Docker software and instances regarding Docker! President and Founder of Addteq, Sukhbir Dhillon, was the official speaker for this Introduction to Docker and he also appreciated Eric’s attendance. Eric was really able to give insider information about Docker that helped the topic of the meet up get off the ground. Sukhbir went on to present an in-depth look on Docker, including a hands on presentation on how to manually run a script that automates the process of setting up Docker. With Sukhbir’s presentation, people who do not know how to set up Docker or who was running all of the steps to set up Docker, were able to see how to quickly and manually set it up! We will be posting the steps on for interested individuals to try out the steps themselves. Check it out! You can also find pictures, comments and future meet up information at:
Addteq’s monthly meet ups are convenient and beneficial for both technical and non-technical people who are trying to learn more about DevOps tools. I am excited to see what other Addteq meet ups have in store.

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