Addteq launches Codefactori

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An end to end software release management solution around Atlassian’s software tool set.

Addteq Inc, a New Jersey based software service provider and Atlassian expert is proud to announce the launch of its software development platform, Codefactori.

Princeton, NJ (PRWEB), March 25th, 2014– Addteq has provided software services for over 7 years to both small business and enterprise clientele. Addteq began development of the Codefactori platform to allow software teams to overcome the obstacles and challenges typically faced throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Codefactori is a customizable software development platform centered around the widely popular Atlassian Suite. Codefactori was developed to enable development teams to focus on their code competence i.e. coding. Overhead tasks such as managing infrastructure, configurations and maintenance are taken care of by Addteq.

This marriage between development team and development environment is facilitated by Addteq through the Codefactori platform. Addteq utilizes their experience and expertise in the SDLC and Atlassian’s software tool set to provide custom end to end software release manage solutions to their customers. Addteq’s Codefactori platform includes the user’s choice of development tools, version control tools, and any add ons from the Atlassian marketplace. The Codefactori environment is completely managed and hosted by Addteq, eliminating the need for full time admins or procurement of on-premise infrastructure

Here’s how it works. Atlassian has a developed a full suite of software tools that include tools for tracking issues, agile project management, repository management, document management, continuous integration and more. When getting started with Codefactori, users are given four quick start options composed of carefully chosen combinations of Atlassian tools. Each package includes out-of-box integrations, default workflows, and a 30 day free trial. The four quick start options to choose from include the Agile Package, Collaboration Package, JIRA (Atlassian’s issue tracker) only, or Confluence (Wiki platform) only. The Agile package includes all the tools necessary to start implementing agile processes within the development environment. The Collaboration Package includes tools that allow for content creation and collaboration amongst team members. From here, users are able to continue with their package following the 30 day free trial window or they can elect to add more tools, or customizations to their system to build their own custom packages. At this stage, Addteq provides expert guidance by suggesting which tools and configurations would best suit the needs the users. Along with managing and hosting the tools on the Codefactori platform, Addteq also provides services such as data migration, workflow configuration, custom plugin development, agile process implementation, and general consultation at the request of the user. The result is a tailor fit end to end software development solution for their customers.

“We want software teams to be able to focus on building and improving their software. Disintegrated workflows, dealing with the overhead of administering/configuring tools, and managing infrastructure are a hinderance to software teams. These obstacles remove teams from their core product and take away time and resources that should be spent innovating and building their applications.Codefactori is our solution to this problem” states Andrew Thompson, market research associate at Addteq.

“We developed our platform so that development teams would be able to procure their software environments and get started coding with just a few clicks.” Sukhbir Dhillon, Founder and President.

Since Codefactori has gone live, a number of software teams have already signed up and are currently using the Codefactori platform for their software build and release management needs. For more information on Codefactori, details can be found at

About Addteq Inc.

Addteq specializes in software configuration, build automation and release management. Addteq was founded on the firm belief that automation is essential for successful software releases. Addteq’s products and services are centered around this fundamental approach. For software teams looking for build and release management services, Addteq is a one stop shop for all of their development needs.

Andrew Thompson
(732) 543-0290
100 Village Blvd, Princeton, NJ 08540

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