Introducing Codefactori: An End to your Release Management Chaos

What is Codefactori?

Codefactori is a combination of top notch software development tools from Atlassian, top notch secure hosting, and release management expertise from Addteq. We’ve taken these three elements and developed a solution which, we are confident will remove many of the obstacles software development teams are facing today. Issues such as:

  • Disintegrated workflows and tools
  • Inability to properly configure and customize tools
  • Stressful overhead of buying and managing hardware
  • Implementing proper release management best practices
  • Lack of man power to manage and maintain tools
  • Slow delivery and time to market

We want software teams to be able to focus on their code and product, not their tools and infrastructure. By providing a full range of customizations for Atlassian tools and then hosting and managing the entire solution, we are able to cover all the needs of software development teams. With 99% uptime guarantee, software teams won’t have to worry about outages or scaling up due to increased demands. With a fully customizable environment, software teams will be able to work the way they want too, not they way their tools allow them too. Lastly, with Addteq’s build and release expertsby their side, software teams will gain critical insight and advise on optimizing their tools and their current processes.

We can cover all aspects of Codefactori by breaking the solution down into 4 parts: Tools, Consulting, Managed Hosting, and Maintenance.

Codefactori is centered around Atlassian’s software development tool suite. Atlassian tools, like JIRA and Confluence have gained incredible popularity in the software industry. Users would most commonly describe these tools as painlessly intuitive, infinitely customizable, and seamlessly integrable. Users of Codefactori are able to pick and choose any combination of Atlassian tools including any third party developed plugins from the Atlassian Marketplace. Major development tools Atlassian has to offer include:

JIRA – Issue management

GreenHopper – Agile project management (Extension to JIRA)

Confluence – Enterprise Wiki management

Bamboo – Continuos Integration Tool

Stash – Enterprise Git repository manager

Currently Codefactori offers two tool packages, that teams can kick start their system with.

Agile Pack : The agile pack is perfect for teams looking introduce agile practices into their development environment or for seasoned agile teams looking for an agile project management solution that can be tailored fit to their needs. The agile tool currently includes 4 tools.

  • JIRA – Issue management
  • GreenHopper – agile project management
  • Bonfire – Exploratory testing
  • Tempo – Time tracking, and planning plugin for JIRA

Collaboration Pack: The collaboration pack was designed with a focus on keeping team members “in the loop” and on the same page. To accomplish this objective, 3 tools have been included in this pack.

  • Confluence – Enterprise Wiki management
  • Team Calendars – People, events, and meetings scheduler (Extension to Confluence)
  • HipChat – Enterprise Instant messaging

WIth codefactori, users are able to take advantage of services such as custom workflow configuration, and custom plugin development to further extend the capability and extract the full potential from the tools.

The tools are great, but to understand their full range of capabilities, configuring and implementation of the best practices around them can be a challenging Addteq has been providing software configuration services to clients since 2006. We understand the ins and outs of the software development lifecycle; where the common pitfalls and obstacles are the teams may face along the way. As certified Atlassian experts, our engineers will first understand what your team’s goals are, where you are now, and then map out best route to get there. We will provide recommendations on which tools to include in your system, the best practices around implementing them, and provide your team with any user training needed to get your team using tools effectively. Our Consulting services include:

  • Custom Development
  • Data Migrations
  • Dedicated Human Resource
  • Best practice and system Auditing/ Performance Analysis

Managed Hosting
First understanding what hardware specs your system will require, buying that hardware, setting it up and then maintaining it can quickly place a heavy burden on your IT team. It is these factors why we feel that Software Development Companies shall march towards cloud hosting solutions. Codefactori systems are completely managed and hosted on our secure cloud. Your fully managed system will feature:

  • 24/7 automated monitoring
  • Routine daily backups
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Hybrid cloud model (optional)
  • SSL certificate
  • Access over VPN

For clients that insist on hosting the system the on their premise or a hybrid cloud, this option is available too.

Once your system is up and running, someone needs to maintain it. Your system requirements may change after you begin using the tools, their maybe upgrades, patches, or other updates to make the apps; there are many scenarios in which slight tweaks or even major changes may needed to make in your system. Planning for the long term will save you and your team from many headaches and tragedies down the road. For this reason, there is also a maintenance and support aspect of our Codefactori solution. We currently provide 3 support tiers based on the level of service your team will require. These details can be found on our support page.

And there you have it, Codefactori. A complete end to end solution for software teams. If you have any questions please feel free comment below or contact us. For an even closer look at Codefactori, ask about our 30 day free trial!

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