No escape from your builds! [introducing Stix for Bamboo]

Are you constantly on the go and out of the office? Did you just get an automated email from your Bamboo server telling you that a build just failed? With Stix for Bamboo, you can check your server while you’re away from the office whether you’re simply at lunch or out of the country, anywhere you have an Internet connection.

How often are you out of the office when a build happens? What can you do? You have few options; you can head back to office, pull out your laptop (if you have Wi-Fi), or pull out your smartphone.

Now with your smartphone there is a better option for checking on your builds, introducing Stix for Bamboo from Addteq. If you open your Bamboo instance in your smartphone’s browser, you’ll notice it is not optimized for a mobile device. We addressed this by creating Stix for Bamboo. By using native interface elements in creating the app, we made it easy to access Bamboo while on the go. No longer feel the need to head back to the office because you cannot see what is on your screen. Simply open the app, login, and navigate to what you want to see.

Are you a project manager with a release ready to go but you are out of the office? Stix for Bamboo solves this problem, simply open the app and navigate to the project and plan you’re ready to build and with one step, your project is building and ready to deploy. In no less than three selections, you can have important details about that recent failure. Want to know what files were changed? That is possible as well, with just a couple more selections. Want to leave a comment on the build for the developer? You can do that too, just as though you were sending a text message. There are numerous features including easy reading graphs of plan statistics, detailed and downloadable build logs, and, most conveniently, the ability to start a build while on the go.

Are you a development lead out of town or out of the office? Just get an email that a build failed and want to find out which team member caused the failure? Simply open the app and navigate to the latest build and see whose commit triggered the build. Want to know the exact files they changed? From the build detail screen, it is as simple as one more selection.

There are many more reasons to try Stix for Bamboo, for more info see our product detail page here. If you would like to know more about Bamboo in general and how it can help you with your Continuous Integration, check out our other blog on Bamboo here.

Want to know what else you can do with Stix for Bamboo??

  • Check the status of all of your projects on your Bamboo server.
  • View details of a specific build.
  • View statistics of your projects presented in easy to read graphs.
  • Want to find out why the build was triggered? Why it failed?
  • You can take a look at what files changed and who changed them.
  • You can check the log file broken down into the important elements to let you find out what happened quickly.
  • Want to view the whole file? You can do that too by saving it to your phone and opening it with your preferred text editor/viewer.
  • After checking the cause of the failure, you can even tell the server to restart the build directly from the app.
  • If your server is configured for deployment, all you have to do to deploy is start a build from the Stages screen and you’re done.
  • Want to leave a comment on a build? You can do that too.

How to Get Stix?

  1. Download the Stix plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace.
  2. Enable the plugin from your Atlassian Bamboo plugin manager.
  3. Download the free Stix app from your app store of choice.
  4. Log in and start using stix!

You don’t have to be tied to your office chair to kick of that late evening build, get up and go mobile!!!!

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