Installation Guide for Jira

Installation Steps

You can install Unstoppable via the Atlassian Marketplace. Administrators can find and install apps from Marketplace in the apps administration pages as follows: 

  • As a system administrator, navigate to the application's administration console and click "Add-ons".


  • Under Manage Add-on Section, click the "Find new add-ons" link.


  • Type "Unstoppable"  in the search box and hit "Enter"Click "Free Trial".


Adding Accessibility Group step is mandatory

Adding User Group

  • Once installed, You will need to create accessibility group and add it to unstoppable in the configuration screen.
  • Users who belong to accessibility group will automatically experience enhance accessibility functionality.


You can choose to either add users directly or add groups. Adding both of them are not mandatory.

Adding users to quick assignee list

  • Ryan Jones is an accessibility user shown in Blue
  • Ryan frequently assigns his issue to Sukhbir Dhillon, Himanshu Chhetri, Nelson and few others shown in green.
  • By Adding those users in assignee section, they will be suggested to Ryan Jones on top of the list in create issue screen.

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