Initiate, Monitor and Release builds from Anywhere.

With Stix Add-on, Atlassian Bamboo functions can now be performed from anywhere. Untether from your desk to check stats at any hour, initiate builds, and monitor success or failure builds to balance tasks more efficiently.

Accelerate Development Velocity

Don’t be the bottleneck of a successful release. Keep team members up to date and notify them when the next phase of development is ready to begin. Confirm and share successful releases. This allows for the next phase of development to begin prior to you returning to your desk.

Gain Insight into the State of a Project.

Remotely determine the state of your build history by tracking success, failure and unknown statuses. Use graphical views for builds in a project, or dial down to see individual releases in chronological order.

Take control of your builds from the comfort of your fingertips

Why be tethered to a physical location to initiate builds, check statuses, or share releases? Take your builds on the go. Addteq Stix allows you to work on Atlasssian Bamboo from anywhere. Available on the Apple App store or Google Play store.