What is the Codefactori upgrade process?

  • Addteq performs detailed discovery of the existing instance, that includes license validity check & plugin compatibility. 
  • Addteq upgrades the staging environment and performs smoke tests.
    • If the customer has an existing staging environment, that is used.
    • If the customer doesn't have an existing staging environment, a 2 week courtesy environment is provided to test the upgrade.
  • Customer performs UAT on staging environment.
  • Once UAT is marked successful, Addteq and the customer agree to a mutual time that works for the production upgrade since that would require downtime.
  • On the day/time agreed, Addteq performs upgrade on the production environment. The customer is requested to be on stand by for post production upgrade testing.
  • Post upgrade, Addteq performs smoke test and customer confirms access to application and data.

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