How will a Customer Access their Instance on Codefactori?

Does the customer have back-end access to the server that is running the Atlassian application?

No.  A customer does not have access to log into the server running the Atlassian application.

How will the customer access the hosted application site?

A URL will be provided to the customer for the application site. Depending on authentication methods, accounts will be configured and allowed to access the application sites with a varying set of permissions.

Does the customer have access to the application site Admin Panel?

      Yes. The customer will be provided with an account that has Administrative access to any Atlassian application that they are currently running.

If the instance is hosted in the United States region, how can the customer employees based out of the United States region access the instance hosted on Codefactori? Will it be direct access or a US-based Addteq Proxy?

All Access to a application hosted on Codefactori is based on Support Plan: 

Standard PlanSince the application site is public, it can be accessed from anywhere with correct credentials. 

Platinum Plan: If the customer requires access restrictions and application can only be accessed via VPN,  a change request needs to be sent to Codefactori Support to limit access only to the VPN IP addresses.