How to get access to readonly database for Codefactori apps?

Organizations often need to access application database to run SQL queries for various reasons such as data driven reporting, data modeling, etc. Doing so expands the value that data provides across business units. This information aids in auditing, complying with regulations, and identifying future uses of data. Lets consider that the application is hosted in a cloud environment and accessing database without appropriate permissions can defy the purpose of obtaining access. An incorrect SQL injected vulnerability exploits the complete data set. For the same reason, Addteq does not provide direct access to connect to database of the application because of the performance impact and security implications. The way forward is to get access to copy of original database. 


DB Replication.png



  • Step 1: Customer should send a request to obtain access to application database
  • Step 2: Addteq will request for access key to the infrastructure on which a scheduled refresh of copy of PostgreSQL database is to be done
  • Step 3: Based on the requested frequency of replication, Addteq will setup the automation for refresh of copy. 
  • Step 4: Customer can access the database and use it for providing value to business.