Codefactori Subscription Billing FAQ

  1. What exactly are the new changes to Codefactori Subscription Billing?
    Any estimates that were received before September 30th, 2020 were on an Annual Subscription Pricing model. Going forward, each customer will be invoiced on a monthly basis. 
  2. Who do these changes apply to and when? 
    New Codefactori Subscriptions and Codefactori Renewals will be invoiced Monthly, effective October 1st, 2020. 
  3. Are there new payment options?
    By default, all customers will be switched to a monthly payment schedule. However, we have created an annual payment option that provides additional benefits:
    1. Monthly payment
    2. Early pay/annual payment provides the ability to build credits with Addteq and get additional bonus credits, for paying your subscription in advance.
  4. How do Addteq Credits work? 
    $1 = 1 credit. Each purchase made through early pay/annual payment will provide you with an equivalent amount of credits. In addition, dependent on the subscription invoice bracket, there are additional credits given. Some examples are listed below.
    1. Invoice Value: $25,000-$49,000
      On an early pay/annual invoice of $25,000, a customer is entitled to 25,000 credits with an additional 2,000 credits added, for a total of 27,000 Addteq Credits.
    2. Invoice Value: $50,000-$99,000 
      On an early pay/annual invoice of $50,000, a customer is entitled to 50,000 credits with an additional 10,000 credits added, for a total of 60,000 Addteq Credits. 
    3. Invoice Value: $100,000-Above 
      On an early pay/annual invoice of $100,000, a customer is entitled to 100,000 credits with an additional 20,000 credits added, for a total of 120,000 Addteq Credits.
  5. What exactly are Addteq Credits?
    The credits can be used for any additional services or updates to a customer's original scope of work. Some examples include additional apps or storage, on-demand services, and more. This will help in reducing execution time between updates almost immediately.  
  6. Which services can I use Addteq Credits for? 
    1. Upgrading user tiers
    2. Adding additional Codefactori apps
    3. Additional staging instances
    4. Additional temporary instances
    5. Migration Services
    6. Scoped work, like customization of plugins 
  7. Which services am I NOT allowed to use Addteq Credits for?
    Customers cannot purchase new licenses or renewals of licenses with Addteq Credits. 
  8. What happens to Monthly Invoicing if I need to Upgrade my user tier?
    When you want to upgrade the user tier on an instance, there are two actions required.
    1. Upgrade of resources (Can now be purchased with Addteq Credits & will be completed immediately)
    2. Upgrade of licenses (Cannot be purchased with Addteq Credits & will follow previous steps of installing an evaluation license to assure minimal downtime.)
  9. How will Monthly Invoices account for Credits?
    If a customer has paid their early pay/annual invoices in full and earned "x" number of credits, the following monthly invoice would be adjusted to the monthly equivalent amount and credits of the Invoice value. Also, there is an additional credit earned via discount which can be used for on-demand/planned services (refer to question on the list of services applicable under Addteq Credits). If any of the services are utilized during that particular month, the cost will be debited from the available credits and it will reflect the balance statement of credits remaining. 
  10. Do Addteq Credits roll over to the next year?
    Yes, Addteq Credits roll over to the following year of Subscription renewal. 
  11. How many years do Addteq Credits rollover?
    As long as your subscription is valid, you may carry over as many credits a year as you wish. 
  12. Will this change in the billing cycle have any effect on my Support Tier? 
    No, there will not be any change. Everyone can enjoy the same benefits of our support tiers as usual, as long as their subscription is valid.
  13. Do customers get Addteq Credits if they pay on a monthly payment option? 
    No. Addteq Credits are available only on the Early Pay/Annual payment option. 
  14. What changes will happen to my Credit Policy on Payment terms? 
    All invoices are on a net-0 cycle, which means that payment is due immediately upon generation of the invoice. Failing to make a timely payment will lead to a temporary Suspension of Service and eventually shut down of the complete system.