Codefactori FAQ

Are servers patched with the latest security patches and updates on a regular basis? If so how often?

Codefactori Managed Hosting Agreement

Are servers that support or house data secured in a Data Center that provides physical access controls to authorized personnel only?

Codefactori Pricing Changes Effective Jan. 1st, 2021

Can we downgrade staging to a lower user tier?

Codefactori Subscription Billing FAQ

Codefactori Billing Portal

Codefactori Performance - Standard vs Platinum

How often do you refresh staging environment data?

Navigating through Codefactori Billing Portal

How to access and log tickets on Addteq Support Customer Portal

How to get access to readonly database for Codefactori apps?

How to prepare backups for Codefactori Migration on Linux Environment?

How to prepare backups for Codefactori Migration on Windows Environment?

Does the Codefactori hosting partner have its datacenters Audited for compliance

How will a Customer Access their Instance on Codefactori?

Is there data segmentation and separation capability available between different customers?

Security Policy For Addteq

What is Backup Frequency and Retention Policy?

What is the Codefactori upgrade process?

Cost of migration

Is there a 24x7x365 staffed phone number available to clients to report security incidents?

Is there a failover site in case secondary data center is unavailable?

Is there a formal process to ensure clients are notified prior to changes being made which may impact their service?

Is there an expiration of passwords, if so what is the setting?

Is there a scheduled maintenance window which results in client downtime?

What checks are performed by Nagios Core and Netdata ?

What checks are performed by Statuscake?

What is Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for scoped services?

What is Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for scoped services?

What monitoring tools are used?

Codefactori DigitalOcean Regions