Troubleshooting Collaborative Editing

Supported Confluence environments

Confluence ServerSupported as a BETA feature.
Confluence CloudComing Soon

How does collaborative editing work

  • Confluence Server connects to and establishes the secure connection
  • On successful connection, it notifies confluence server to enable collaborative editing by passing a security token.
  • Users start editing Excellentable in their browser and their session is automatically shared with fellow users once Realtime databases establishes the validity of security token.

Collaborative editing could fail to initialize for following reasons.

Failed to enable collaborative editing

Capture 2017-09-06 at 16.22.31.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 11.47.00 AM.png

Firewall Issues

Enabling Excellentable Collaborative Editing may fail from the UI , if the confluence server cannot reach

You'll probably need to open a firewall request for outbound connection to originating from your confluence server.


Connect to the confluence server using SSH and run the below command to validate that the Confluence server can connect to the Einstein server.

curl -w '%{http_code}'

If you see a HTTP 403 response as shown below, your server is able to make connection to the service:

{"message":"Missing Authentication Token"}403

Users are not able to see other users live

If you cannot see other users live in Excellentable  but collaborative editing is enabled , the browser may not be able to connect to the below servers . Please ensure that you have access to Internet and these servers are not blocked in your network: