Bitbucket Cloud Security Features You Can Bank On

For development organizations looking to enhance outcomes from their efforts, Atlassian’s Bitbucket has been a popular choice for code management.  Over the years, the tool

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Do you know why Confluence admins make you use templates? It’s because templates are awesome! Confluence templates are a powerful tool to organize and manage

Changes to Codefactori Pricing

There are some important changes coming to Codefactori. These changes are being implemented in an effort to simplify our customer’s budgeting and on-demand requests. Beginning January

Is it Time to Move to Atlassian Cloud?

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There is hardly any industry that is untouched by technology today. Whether it is to drive productivity, increase efficiencies, reduce costs, identify opportunities, improve operations, or

How Atlassian Cloud Saves Cost in Long Term

In an era where reliability and performance applications take precedence over everything else, Atlassian Cloud offers on-demand access to resources – setting the stage for

Building an event-driven AppSec Service

Over the last few years, application security(AppSec) and Cybersecurity, have emerged as one of the most essential disciplines of DevOps. It has become extremely necessary