How Opsgenie Fits in Your DevOps Ecosystem

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In a world where always-on services are becoming the norm, managing the constant slew of incidents is not easy for any organization. 

Proactively monitoring systems for incidents, sending alerts to the right people, ensuring a quick response, and avoiding alert fatigue seems like too much to ask for. But not with a modern incident management platform in place! 

Opsgenie is a platform that ensures you never miss out on a critical incident. By providing alerts in real-time, it ensures that the right people take the right action at the right time. After being acquired by enterprise software company Atlassian in 2018, the platform offers the best of incident management + streamlined communication and collaboration for customers worldwide.

The Need for Proactive Monitoring in DevOps 

DevOps has completely changed how software is designed, developed, deployed, and delivered. Yet, even a small incident can derail an entire project, or even bring it crashing down. 

If you want to deploy code with confidence, you need to be able to have a mechanism in place to monitor your DevOps processes proactively, quickly respond to incidents, and simplify resolution. No matter what stage of DevOps maturity your organization is at, proactive monitoring can enable you to: 

• Ensure your software delivery is on track, and you’re aware and prepared to overcome any challenge that comes your way. 

• Streamline and improve workflows, so that you can get the most out of your DevOps strategies. 

• Get visibility into logs and deployment history as well as a birds-eye view of incidents.

• Identify issues in time and alert the right team for responding to them in the best manner. 

• Resolve incidents before they impact the performance or availability of your product and learn from them. 

• Notify customers of service disruptions, quicken the support process, and preserve your most valued relationships.

The Challenges with “Alert Noise”

When it comes to incident management, false alarms pose a major hindrance to getting the most of your DevOps investment. 

Every false alarm brings with it a fair amount of alert noise. When several of them are generated, teams end up wasting time and money and resources tracking down the source of the incident – only to realize they were incorrect in the first place. 

False alarms are not only infuriating, but they also drive resources away from incidents that truly need attention. They affect team productivity as well as the overall performance of the product. The only way then to improve incident identification accuracy is by having an efficient system in place that automatically detects incidents, freeing up resources, reducing stress levels, and ensuring teams focus on what’s important. 

How Opsgenie Helps in Solving Existing Issues 

Responding to critical incidents before they can impact the business is every team’s worry. Opsgenie allows you to streamline the incident management process and handle critical incidents – on priority. 

With Opsgenie, you can:

• Receive alerts from your monitoring systems, filter noise, and categorize and group each alert based on criticality. 

• Create reports to understand the root cause of incidents (code deployments, 3rd party services, or infrastructure) and enhance incident response process. 

• Notify the right people through multiple communication channels, including voice calls, email, SMS, and push messages on mobile devices. 

• Handle alerts based on their source and load differently and customize on-call schedules and routing rules. 

• Create tickets to address incidents, define hotfixes, take necessary action, and document resolution. 

• Escalate incidents that have not been acknowledged and make sure they get the attention they need. 

• Unearth insights on improving your on-call, alerting, routing, and overall incident management process through dynamic reporting and analytics. 

• Integrate the platform with a range of monitoring, ITSM, ChatOps, and collaboration tools to further augment the incident management process. 


As software delivery becomes increasingly complex, teams are looking for ways to streamline the process and drive maximum value from their efforts. 

Concepts like DevOps have been enabling teams to quicken software delivery while improving quality and reducing costs. But true success comes to those who can proactively respond, resolve, and learn from every incident. Having a robust incident management platform in place is extremely vital to ensure every incident is identified, tracked, documented, and resolved – before it can impact the business or the customer experience. 

Opsgenie is one such platform that can enable you to monitor your DevOps processes proactively and manage all incidents – efficiently. So, embrace Opsgenie today and never worry about an incident, ever again! 

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