Why Atlassian Data Center on AWS Makes Perfect Sense

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The pace and scale of DevOps adoption are compelling organizations to embrace tools and technologies that can pave the way for higher returns.

While moving to the AWS cloud is an obvious choice – considering the many benefits it offers – when paired with Atlassian Data Center, the outcome is phenomenal.

Designed for optimal reliability and performance, Atlassian data center applications along with AWS offer exceptional dependability, with redundancy and failover options around the world.

So, what is Atlassian Data Center? And why does Atlassian Data Center on AWS make perfect sense? Let’s find out!

Why choose Atlassian Data Center?

Atlassian Data Center offers organizations high availability and performance at scale for mission-critical applications. Organizations can leverage many purpose-built apps that are tested and verified to live up to Data Center-specific standards for performance, scalability, and reliability.

Using Atlassian Data Center, organizations can ensure that Atlassian products perform well at scale, with minimum downtime for their users. Since Data Center products can be set up in a multi-node environment, you can enjoy a host of benefits including:

  1. Uninterrupted user access to products
  2. Flexibility to provision and maintain applications
  3. Full control over how you drive traffic across your application nodes
  4. Ability to grow your cluster horizontally
  5. Consistent performance across the entire lifecycle
  6. Scalability options that fit complex infrastructures
  7. Lower response times
  8. Reduced outages and application downtime

While the public cloud works well for smaller organizations with a sluggish growth rate, for larger enterprises that need to scale with time, the limited resiliency and disaster recovery capabilities of on-premise data center pave the way for a more scalable, highly available environment.

Since larger enterprises serve a large number of employees, partners and customers across the world, the potential impact of downtime is enormous. Atlassian Data Center on AWS ensures high availability for mission-critical applications – all along the way.

Why Atlassian and AWS make the best combination

For Atlassian Data Center customers looking to respond to growing needs quickly and efficiently, automatic scaling and reliability are requisite.

By running all application nodes on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or Amazon EC2, AWS enables automatic scaling of applications. The elastic load balancing feature redirects traffic to Amazon EC2 instances for consistent performance, and CloudWatch allows for seamless monitoring of RAM usage and bandwidth for optimized applications. Here’s why Atlassian and AWS make the best combination:

  1. The strong partnership between Atlassian and AWS allows for quick set up of DevOps environment, instant scalability, and painless administration.
  2. The AWS quick start template makes it easy to set up your Atlassian DC  within very short time.
  3. For Software teams, many integration options help in streamlining DevOps workflows and make continuous delivery and deployment a breeze.
  4. Since the Atlassian cloud is hosted on AWS, organizations can simply use the AWS CloudFormation templates to deploy instances like Dev, test, staging on trusted infrastructure.
  5. Amazon’s EFS and Auto Scaling allows for exceptional scalability and optimal performance – organizations can add tens of thousands of new instances in one go, which would ideally take weeks or even months – just to plan.
  6. Since the DevOps instances on AWS are built for flexibility, Atlassian customers can choose the location of their choice to store their data, and improve response times
  7. Robust redundancy and on-demand scaling options allow for consistent and predictable performance – enterprises can be sure that their solution scales with the business and customers’ needs.
  8. Disaster recovery capabilities ensure better uptime because application data gets automatically replicated across multiple AWS Availability Zones.
  9. Multi-layered security capabilities ensure continuous scanning of both internal and external infrastructure to identify and optimize high-risk products and infrastructures.

You need a technology partner to execute your operations strategy

Although Atlassian Data Center on AWS offers organizations with a range of benefits, there are certain limitations: 1) availability of nodes is limited to a single region on AWS, 2) network latency can delay response times, and 3) updating nodes without causing any downtime is a challenge.

What organizations then need, is a DevOps partner like Addteq to get the best returns from their cloud investment. With Addteq, you can get platinum-level Atlassian & AWS service for your cloud infrastructure and make the most of capabilities including:

  1. Implementation of Atlassian tools on AWS cloud
  2. Managed hosting services that allow you to focus your effort in building your business, and not worrying about DevOps tools
  3. Custom add-on development that ensures seamless integration of cloud applications
  4. Quick DevOps deployments for faster time to market & better customer satisfaction
  5. Seamless data migration and updates to meet the growing needs of your business
  6. 24×7 support so no issue is ever left unresolved

Speed and scale with time

In today’s DevOps era, the technology and tools you choose are critical for fostering innovation and overcoming development and deployment challenges. It is when you use the right tools that you can streamline your processes, create a seamless experience for your users and maximize productivity.

Atlassian Data Center on AWS makes perfect sense for modern DevOps organizations; Using Atlassian on AWS, you can not only scale your deployment by quickly launching additional nodes but also seamlessly handle all their configuration and maintenance tasks.

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