The Internship Experience at Addteq & Princeton

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Subsequent to completion of the first year of my Masters in Computer Science, I was keen to get some valuable and significant practical exposure. Fortunately enough, I got an opportunity to join the Addteq team as an intern. The 11 weeks of internship has been an enriching and rewarding experience as it has helped me to not only augment my technical knowledge and harness my skillset but also contributed to my professional development.

My usual routine at the workplace started with attending the daily standup meeting to discuss the list of action items for the day, followed by a quick run to grab breakfast and diving straight into the tasks I had planned to work on during the day. After the initial orientation, I was involved in creating and validating automated tests for Excellentable and Confluence. As the internship progressed, I was assigned with the task of implementing Data Validation in Excellentable . Initially, I was little apprehensive about the task due to my limited exposure to JavaScript and jQuery API. However, I took it upon as a challenge to develop proficiency in pure JavaScript, SpreadJS and jQuery plugin development. Though during execution, I experienced some teething problems and hit couple of roadblocks which resulted in implementation taking longer time than expected, but with valuable guidance from senior developers, I was able to surmount these roadblocks and achieve my set goals.

Being associated with Addteq , I also got a glimpse from close quarters of the tools, principles and practices employed in DevOps. Further, I was privileged to be a part of the celebrations at Addteq for being listed in “2018’s America’s 5000 fastest growing private companies”. It is a remarkable achievement for the company with humble beginning to have accomplished this feat with a dedicated team. I am of the firm opinion that Addteq will achieve many such milestones in the future.

As I prepare to head back to school to resume my coursework, I feel 11 weeks was too short and there is still much more to learn. Nevertheless, I take back cherished memories of – a great work environment , helpful and friendly colleagues, amazing and supportive CEO and in all a pretty satisfying summer in Princeton.  Thank you Addteq for this opportunity!

To anyone reading this blog and thinking of pursuing internship, I would definitely recommend applying to Addteq. As it is often said, learning is a continuous process and Addteq gives you an unique opportunity to enjoy learning alongside having fun. I am glad I spent my summer here.

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