How does the new pricing affect your company?

Addteq has analyzed the pricing changes and has created an easy view of some of those changes.

  • For server, new Jira license prices go up ~40%-300+% depending on the user tier, while existing licenses will see increases of 15% upon renewals and upgrades.
  • New Data Center Jira license prices will go up 70% (500-user tier), while other tiers see an increase of 10-25%. Existing Data Center licenses get increased by 10-25%.
  • Cloud pricing appears to see more moderate increases.
  • Server pricing might continue to increase considering the record of the past 2 years (20-25% per year). A clear sign that Atlassian is focusing on Data Center and Cloud.
  • Cloud pricing, especially at higher users tiers, has significant savings in the operational costs associated with on-premises as cost per user decreases. (Infrastructure costs, Resources costs, Operational costs, Opportunity costs are saved)
  • For existing server customers with more than 500 users, Data Center could be a cheaper option to look into in the near or long term.
  • For Potential Customers with less than 1000 user, Atlassian Cloud could be a better option for you.
  • Price increases are not linear. It is logarithmic and based on the user tiers. So, the percentage of price increase dependent on what license tier you have.

Quotes created before September 30th 2019, will use existing pricing.

Don't be deterred by the pricing changes. Atlassian is still the best option, as long as you select the right deployment option. Rest assured, Addteq has the right solution for your team. Simply choose the user tier and we will help you choose the right option that will suit your requirements.

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View the official announcement from Atlassian here